Rain Forest Adventure

June 3, 2008

Free Rainforest Adventure environment morning bible camp open to all children ages 3-13 on June 23-27 2008 at Marquette First Presbyterian Church

(Marquette, Michigan) – A jungle treehouse, singing, acting in a play, environment lessons that include Lake Superior and helping a Peru drinking water project are among the numerous fun activities planned for children this month during the free week-long Rainforest Adventure bible camp in Marquette.

The morning bible camp is entitled: "Rainforest Adventure: A Tree Top Bible Blast!"

Parents from all denominations are encouraged to register children between 3 and 13 years old for the bible camp that runs from 9 a.m. to 12 noon on June 23-27 at the First Presbyterian Church, 120 N. Front Street in Marquette.

There is an "early drop-off" at 8 a.m. with supervised activities for children of parents who have to go to work.

"We are building a Swiss Family Robinson style treehouse on the stage" where the children will take part in a play, said Sue LeGalley, church volunteer. "We are decorating it as a rain forest."

Children will learn to appreciate living near Lake Superior and respect for the environment.

"It’s also an environment week to teach the children to take care of the world that God gave us," LeGalley said. "The games will have a water theme."

"We have such a beautiful lake out our backdoor," she said. "Sometimes our children don’t realize how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful place."

"We’re going to support clean drinking water for children around the world," she said.

The bible camp is free, but children can make a donation during a daily collection to raise money for new drinking water system in Peru.

The offering is not required and should only be given by those who can afford to make the donation, she said.

A daily newsletter will "let parents know about their children’s activities and how much money was collected" to help install a clean water system in Cuzco, a small city in the Andean highlands of Peru.

The Augsburg Fortress mission project called Huch Uy Runa helps provide clean drinking water, food, shelter, and an education for children living on the streets of Cuzco. The project was adopted by Living Waters for the World, a mission of the Synod of Living Waters of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

For more information on the project to help children in Peru visit this website:

The camp includes taking photos and videotaping the children participating in activities that "will be edited into a video at the end of the each day," LeGalley said.

Participants will be taught children’s bible stories and participated in lively worship. The bible camp includes games, crafts, singing, dancing and other fun activities for children.

LeGalley said over the week about 40 volunteers of all ages will help ensure a great time for the children.

"It’s a good week of inter-generational fun and everyone is welcome," she said.

Parents can register by email, fax, and mail or online at:

Call 906-226-6587
Fax: 906-226-9593
Email: suelegalley@charter.net

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