The Interfaith Earth Healing Initiative (EIHI) is an Interfaith environmental project for the Great Lakes basin in cooperation with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).

The Interfaith Earth Healing Initiative is sponsored by the non-profit Cedar Tree Institute in Marquette, MI and is collaborating with the EPA, cities, landfills, groups, state/local governments across the Great Lakes Basin to promote the Great Lakes 2008 Earth Day Challenge – and to help arrange interfaith and Native American volunteers and participants.

All faith traditions, religions, minorities, tribes and other Indigenous peoples are encouraged to volunteer for and/or participate in the projects in your area. United States EPA Great Lakes National Programs Office grants are helping to fund this event across eight states in the Great Lakes Basin.

The Cedar Tree Institute (CTI) co-founded the interfaith Earth Keeper Initiative in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that works closely with ten faith traditions on a wide range of environment projects that include college students, at-risk teens, American Indian tribes and others.

The Earth Healing Initiative is developing the same relationship with these faith communities in northern Michigan and others across the Great Lakes.

The faith communities include Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, United Methodist Church, Unitarian Universalist, Baha’i, Jewish, the Religious Society of Friends (commonly known as the Quakers) and Zen Buddhist.

The Interfaith Earth Healing Initiative is being coordinated by the Cedar Tree Institute.
The Cedar Tree Institute Coordination Team consists of:

Jon Magnuson, Earth Healing Initiative Founder

Greg Peterson, Earth Healing Initiative volunteer media advisor

Kyra Fillmore, Earth Healing Initiative volunteer faith community coordinator, Catholic advisor

Obadiah Metivier, Earth Healing Initiative volunteer web designer/technical advisor